Creating a Safe, Fair, and Equitable Learning Environment

Accomplished teachers are committed to teaching children in ways that are fair and equitable. It is significant that NBCTs have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to address inequities and promote fair and equitable approaches to instructing students – not always equal!  In addition, as a NBCT you will also focus on developing a learning environment where students appreciate the diversity of their peers and the diverse opinions of others.  NBCTs empower students to treat each other respectfully and in turn the teacher practices fairness in his/her practice as well.  Most importantly, accomplished teachers understand and appreciate the individual differences and unique needs of the students they teach.  Diversity in a NBCT’s classroom is represented by multiple perspectives and sensitivity to the individual needs of all students.

10 Must Dos to create a Safe, Fair, and Equitable Learning Environment

☐ Use a variety of teaching methods to reach all modalities-- auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

☐ Use a variety of assessment strategies to meet the testing needs of all students.

☐ Use adaptive equipment and strategies as needed to meet all learner needs (large print, visuals, ect...)

☐ Set clear rules in regard to treating others fairly and equitably.

☐ Encourage students to take on roles (that showcases their strengths) in heterogeneous cooperative groups.

☐ Build a classroom community grounded in the principles of a democracy.

☐ Avoid stereotypes and support gender neutrality in examples and resources.

☐ Actively support multiculturalism in your lessons and the resources you use.

☐ Ensure all students have equitable access to opportunities, resources, and participation that encourage growth and success.

☐ Plan lessons that reflect the diversity of students in your classroom.


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