How to Unpack the NBPTS Renewal Scoring Rubric

national board renewal Oct 30, 2019

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has seven clear and concise rubric points that should be followed from the beginning to the end of the PPG process.  As a teacher coach, my style is to help teachers begin with the end in mind.  Therefore, I think it is important for you to understand that this is the end.  These rubric points are what your entire portfolio submission is graded on.  Your job is to provide clear, concise, and convincing evidence to meet these through your planning, writing, video lessons, and/or learner samples.  So how do you get you started?  

First things first, look at the VERBS to determine what NBPTS wants you to DO:

  1. Identify and address significant needs of students, the professional community, parents, and/or self 
  2. Have acquired and/or deepened current certificate-specific content knowledge and/or pedagogical practice and have demonstrated it in your classroom practice 
  3. Have acquired knowledge of current technology and/or effectively utilized appropriate technology in a way that is directly connected to teaching and learning 
  4. Involve the wider community of colleagues, parents, and/or community in your professional growth experiences 
  5. Practice Standards-based, relevant, and meaningful instruction 
  6. Ensure equity of access and promote appreciation of diversity in your classroom 
  7. Have a meaningful impact on student learning 

Second, your portfolio must demonstrate ongoing, varied, and multifaceted growth experiences that have evolved in depth and breadth. How can you do that? Use my UNPACK THE RUBRIC CHART to help you determine whether your current PGEs have the depth necessary to “fill in the blanks” on this document.  After completing this exercise, you will know whether your Professional Growth Experiences have the depth necessary to earn you a RENEW by the scorers.   

Go now... have fun outlining everything you have been doing and be amazed at how much you have to put into the chart! 

Go Grow Big, 



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