MILESTONES- The Backbone to the National Board Certification Renewal Process

national board renewal Nov 20, 2019

Webster’s Definition of Milestone

an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development

          -Babies reach milestones.

          -Toddlers reach milestones.

          -Adolescents reach milestones.

          -Teenagers reach milestones.

          -And… TEACHERS reach milestones, as well!

Well, if you are going through the NBPTS MOCs, you better be showcasing some milestones.  You see, this is what the PPG (renewal portfolio) is really founded on – Milestones (significant changes).

Where do they go in the PPG?

So, what should they look like?

How do you know if you have any to write about?

Let’s dive deeper in each of these questions.

  1. Where do they go in the Profile of Professional Growth for NBPTS MOC?

They are interwoven into your PGEs.  Think about it like this, you can determine whether your PGE is worthy of the paper you write it on (and if it will meet the scoring rubric) just by giving it the milestone test.

      2. What do milestones look like in the PGEs for NBPTS MOC ?

They look like a professional growth experience where you have lined up an imaginary set of dominoes that can clearly connect and knock down the one before it.  Milestones are seen when a teacher’s professional growth experience causes significant changes by crosses lines of connecting to other professionals, parents, organizations or the community.  They are also seen when a teacher’s PGE is ongoing (doesn’t just happen once) and has a far-reaching affect (maybe to affect other teachers’ students or the community).  It also may include the teacher in multiple roles – learner, leader, collaborator, and advocate.

       3. How do you know if you have any milestones to write about?

Use this chart as a litmus test for milestones.  If you can fill in multiple boxes, the PGE is a strong one to use for proving your growth experiences are more than just one class or activity, but a carefully executed plan to affect needs of many.


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