6 Tips About National Board Teacher Certification for MOC Candidates


So for many teachers starting the MOC renewal process for NBPTS is a daunting tasks. PTSD from initial certification is still not that far gone, and the idea of having to start again is exasperating; especially given the circumstances with teacher workload and mandates being at an all time high. 

From my teacher coaching program for NBPTS, I have developed six of the top tips for National Board Teacher Certification for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).  I hope these six tips for NB MOC will help guide you as you begin the process of renewing your National Board certification! So let the top tips begin:

  1. Fully understand what a professional growth experience (PGE) is and what it is not.  Many teachers start by reading the manual for the National Board Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Process. This manual can be found on the NBPTS Website. The manual is 51 pages and is loaded with technical details that for many cause undue stress because of the technical breakdown of margins, forms, technology, ect. This is something that I talk about and teach about in my #GetitDone Bootcamp for teachers.  After going through this 3 day workshop, you will feel much more confident about how the process works and what a PGE is and is not.  In addition, many teachers like to join my Renew Like a Pro cohort program where I coach you step by step through outlining your portfolio beginning with the end in mind by using the National Board Certification rubric for the renewal (MOC) process. 
  2. Fully understand how to develop a milestone in at least one of your Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs).  Milestones have depth and breadth and generally consist of involving many others in your work or learning something in multiple ways over many months or years.  PGEs with milestones create significant student impact which the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards values in your work. Milestones are also a major struggle for teachers because without a milestone, you will not renew your certification. A few years ago I did a Facebook LIVE video on milestones and really break them down. Make sure if you are confused or worried about milestones for NBPTS MOC to take a look at this recording. 
  3. Make sure that the work and the evidence you are showcasing in the National Board Certification renewal process proves significant student impact through your growth in content and pedagogy since initial certification or your last renewal portfolio. One PGE must be around content from your initial certification area. Remember, content is what we teach students to know and be able to do. You may want to check out another blog I did to understand the difference in content and pedagogy.
  4. Fully understand that Component Two of the National Board Certification renewal process has to showcase a piece of your growth around content and could also showcase pedagogy, but you must showcase content in a 10 minute video lesson.  The 10 minute videotaped lesson for the National Board Certification renewal process can be broken up into three segments. If it were me, I would break it up into three segments because that way you get to find the most analytical parts that the assessor will need to give you evidence credit for student impact. However, over the last 20+ years of coaching teachers through the NB process, MOC, and initial NBPTS, this is just a preference. I have seen many teachers able to get what is required in 10 solid minutes. The choice is ultimately up to you for the number of segments that you use, as long as it is three or less. The National Board Certification assessor will not need to see the lesson from beginning to end. NBPTS renewal is different from the NBPTS initial certification process in this way.
  5. Become diagnostic in your thinking, teaching and writing - your analytical and reflective voice should shine! Begin with the descriptive writing voice where you describe your Professional Growth Experience (PGE) including who you involved and what you learned relative to content to pedagogy. Then move into the analytical voice where the real evidence for the National Board Certification assessor is going to come from.  This type of writing will help the assessor know what you are thinking and why you are thinking that to impact student learning. Finally, become reflective to let the assessor know that you have a plan for what comes next and what you might have missed or that you need to change in the future.  This is probably the single biggest National Board Certification renewal tip I can offer you. 
  6. Fully understand that SOPs also called samples of product are really just a fancy statement for evidence. This evidence will ultimately be able to showcase you as a learner, as a leader, and as a collaborator impacting students. Don’t underestimate the power of showcasing student impact in your SOPs while also showcasing your growth through the samples of products. It will be two-fold this way.  If you are struggling with evidence, what it should look like and how it should be formatted, but are not looking for a full cohort experience, no worries, I have a video on demand library membership that I have loaded many videos into over the last year or so on a variety of topics, especially when it comes to evidence. To check this out, make sure to take a look at the MOC Video on Demand Library.


As I always say, you decide how you want to get through the National Board Certification renewal process. The choice is yours! The struggle bus feels good to some people and others believe time is money so they save it with the Renew Like a Pro program. I personally believe you should have fun with this process and grow big yourself! I hope these National board certification renewal tips are helpful to you.


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