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Tackle your NBPTS renewal with a systematic approach
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No more second-guessing yourself.

You’ve done all the work to create a stellar renewal portfolio. 
You just need someone to help you put all the pieces together…
That’s where I come in!

Lean on my experience

I’ve successfully renewed my NBPTS certification twice. Plus, as a former assessor, I know firsthand what makes a successful portfolio.

Reclaim your time

Why stress out for five months muddling through this process? As long as you’re keeping up with the program, your portfolio will be done in 8 weeks!

Never work alone

I’m with you every step of the way.Program participants get weekly to-do lists, accountability checks, and LIVE Q&As to bust through your roadblocks.

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Renew Like a Pro

The tools and accountability
you need to succeed



  • 30-minute one-on-one jump-start call with Tracey to create your personalized renewal roadmap
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching to stay accountable and on track
  • A self-paced mini-course on the three writing styles (descriptive, analytical, and reflective) to keep your portfolio clear and concise
  •  A cohort of fellow teachers to learn and grow with


Renew Like a Pro V.I.T. Package

(Very Important Teacher)


Get the personalized attention you need while you build your portfolio from Tracey!

Get everything in Renew Like a Pro, plus...

  • Direct access to Tracey via text, email, Zoom, or phone
  • Ongoing feedback while you create your portfolio
  • LIVE one-on-one feedback before submitting your portfolio

Personal Portfolio Review

For NBCTs already on track to complete their portfolios


Book an appointment with Tracey before spots fill up!

  • A dedicated digital review of your finished portfolio according to the NBPTS rubric
  • A LIVE one-on-one session to review Tracey’s feedback and brainstorm improvement ideas before submission



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"Tracey gave me the confidence I was needing."

“Renew Like a Pro’s systematic approach helped me to organize my experiences, evidence, and reflections. Tracey’s program walked me through each component step by step and … was there to answer my questions, provide insight, and give advice. She gave me the confidence that I was needing.” — Jamie D

You don’t have to do this alone.

As an NBCT, you’ve earned a spot among the best of the best educators.

But with your renewal date approaching, you may be feeling some self-doubt creeping in. Creating your portfolio is just one more thing on your plate — at a time when being a teacher is already asking for everything you’ve got.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not the only one. ...NBPTS renewal is a long and complicated process — I’ve been through it twice myself! — and there’s a lot at stake. But the stress surrounding this process shouldn’t stand in the way of your continued success as a teacher.

As a former NBPTS assessor, I’ve seen firsthand what makes a great portfolio. And I’ve used my experience to reverse engineer the renewal process and create a systematic approach to building a successful portfolio.

I’ve coached thousands of teachers just like you through their renewals, including more than 200 since launching my online program, Renew Like a Pro, in 2020.

In my program, I’ll share everything I know with you.

Just choose your program, schedule your one-on-one jump start call with me, then follow the program. I’ll be by your side with tips, to-dos, accountability, and encouragement as you complete and submit your portfolio — in just eight weeks.

You’ve worked too hard and impacted too many students’ lives to second-guess yourself now. Regain your confidence and get back to focusing on what you’re passionate about — join me today.

3 Steps to a Confident Renewal

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Choose your program and become a Renew Like a Pro member.

Get to Work

Schedule your 1-on-1 jump start with me, then complete your portfolio step-by-step during our 8 weeks together.

Submit -- and succeed!

Submit your finished portfolio! No more second-guessing yourself while you wait for your score to come in.

Join Renew Like a Pro

Renew Like a Pro:

Watch a sneak-peek video with Tracey!

"The course gave me a structure and approach to completing my MOC."

"The tables, charts, and activities really made the MOC rubric clear! I could design activities and write to the rubric authentically rather than feeling like I was guessing at a target of MOC and National Board after the fact! Tracey's methods and design made the work much clearer and achievable."

— Beth O

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I’ve coached thousands of teachers to renewal success with a systematic, reverse-engineered approach. In just 8 weeks, you can prep and submit your portfolio without second-guessing yourself — and feel confident that you’ll be celebrating when your scores come in.